• Direct Drive Servo on Print Drum
  • Laser-Engraved Anilox Roll
  • Carbon/Fiber Metering Blade
  • Single-End Pull Roll, Hold Down Roll and Anilox Pressure Adjustment
  • Print Areas:   88″x45″        92″x45″         110″x45″
  • Repeat Distance: 66″
  • NEW! Digital Readouts for Feed Roll Pressure, Impression Pressure, and Anilox Pressure
  • Single-Handle Wash-Up For Color Change!


The Magellan Servo-Flex Printer is the latest member of the Magellan family of short-run corrugated boxmaking equipment to get a design make-over. The Servo-Flex offers print quality and registration accuracy heretofore available only on rotary boxmaking equipment.

Drawing on the experience gained through the design and manufacture of custom printing equipment, RJE Machinery, Inc. has developed the Magellan Servo-Flex Printer. The heart of the Servo-Flex is the direct drive servo system on the print drum. This allows for complete control of the print placement throughout the printing process.

With the addition of a laser engraved anilox roll, an air bladder meter control system and a carbon-fiber composite metering bar, the Servo-Flex produces superior print quality for the short-run corrugated box industry.

The Magellan Servo-Flex is the only flexo printer made in America to print the full width of the sheets processed on large format boxmakers. Available in 88”, 92”, and 110” width, the Servo-Flex can print the largest boxes. The Servo-Flex is capable of printing single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated making it extremely versatile.

The Magellan Servo-Flex Printer is a free-standing unit, incorporating its own drive and control system. This means the machine can be added to almost any short run boxmaker, even those made by other companies. It can also be used with center-set machines as well as the side-set Magellan series of machines, allowing full width printing to be added to machines that previously did not have full width printing available.