• 92″ x 200″
  • Center Set Design
  • Auto-Set of the Width and Depth Scores
  • Box Data Memory
  • Alpha-Numeric Part Numbers
  • Built-In Ethernet Hub
  • 30-900 Second Set-Up Time
  • 300-700 Cartons Per Hour
  • Auto Tab Cutting Option Now Available
  • Digital Readouts for Crease Pressure

RJE Machinery, Inc. Is proud to present the Magellan LD Boxmaker. The Magellan LD Boxmaker is a new concept in short-run boxmaking design. It is new from the ground up. 

The Magellan LD Boxmaker was conceived to address the short-run large format box industry, but to do so at not only an affordable price, but also at a higher production speed than most other boxmakers of comparable size.

The New Magellan Operator Interface

Our new touch screen is state-of-the-art. Graphical representations of box styles make setting up the Magellan easy and fast.

All of the important information to manufacture a corrugated carton is included on our newly redesigned Run Screen.

Digital Readouts

Digital readouts make set-up easy and repeatable.

Digital Readouts

Heavy-duty construction is a hallmark of equipment made by RJE Machinery.

New auto-correcting feed calls eliminate pressure adjustment for different grades of corrugated paper, decreasing set-up time. 

Digital Readouts

External greas point access and well-designed mechanical systems make the Magellan LD easy to maintain and service. 

Digital Readouts