• 96″ Throat
  • Use PVA Water-Based Glue
  • Automatic Compensation from Single-Wall to Double-Wall Corrugated
  • Glue Wheel Crushes Tab
  • Variable Speed Glue Wheel
  • 110 Volt Power-Plug in Anywhere
  • Anyone Can Run with a Minimum of Training
  • 48″ From the Center of the Glue Fap to the Right – Unlimited to the Left

The RJE SAG-4000 Semi-Automatic Gluer is specially designed to glue unusual design corrugated cartons.

Utilizing a glue wheel instead of extrusion, the SAG-4000 head crushes the glue flap while applying the glue. This results in a more uniform stack of cartons for strapping and shipping. The unique staging action compression time for glue cure while allowing the compression dect to take up only nine feet of floor space.

The SAG-4000 Glue Head showing the easily removeable glue pan.

The SAG-4000 Compression Deck featuring unique staging action for added compression time in a small area