It all began in 1981 when my dad, brother, and I felt we needed to bring back industry to the United States from China and other foreign countries. We saw a market and we went for it! Our goal was to manufacture the best machinery in the business without cutting any corners.


What we manufacture is the best machinery in the business. Top-of-the-line! Built to last! We cut no corners!

All RJE machinery is made of heavy-duty construction, the highest quality parts, operated by the highest technology available, and most of all it is all backed up by the highest quality of attention and service around!


Located within the heart of the southeast and the midwest regions of the United States, RJE is within hours of servicing clients. We are in the heart of it all! And, what we can’t reach within a few hours of drive time, we can still reach within hours of a flight out. How’s that for service response time!