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Text Box:     What is a Tilt Head?  The Tilt Head is an RJE exclusive development.  Due to the difficulty servicing the cutting area and the feed rollers of most boxmakers, RJE developed the Tilt Head to simplify the maintenance process.   The complete upper assembly of the machine is tilted up via hydraulic cylinders, allowing the operator or plant maintenance complete, unimpeded access to the inside of the machine.  (see page 3 for a photo) In addition, the feed table rolls away on casters, making access even simpler.  Knife changes, inspection, cleaning and feed roll replacement are incredibly easy.
    As an added benefit, clearing paper jams couldn’t be simpler.  By engaging the Tilt Head, most paper jams can be removed by pulling the jam out of the machine.  Gone are the days of digging out bits of scrap paper with a screwdriver and hammer.  Even if paper were to build up in the machine, the easy access to the full area of the machine makes cleaning easy. 
See why the Tilt Head makes the Magellan unlike any boxmaker on the market.  
Text Box: This view shows the Tilt Head opened allowing the operator complete access to the inner workings of the machine.