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Standard Container Styles that can be manufactured by the Magellan Boxmaker:
RSC: Regular Slotted Container
RSC 2-Piece: Two Piece Regular Slotted Container
FOL: Full Overlap Slotted Container
FOL 2-Piece: Two Piece Full overlap Slotted Container
HSC: Half Slotter Container
FPF: Five Panel Folder
Telescope: Full Telescope Design Style Box
Tray: Design Style Tray
OSC: Overlap Slotted Container
CSO: Center Special Overlap Slotted Container.
Center Seam RSC or FOL.
One Piece Folder: (requires two passes)
Scored Tubes
Bulk Boxes*
Flanged Tubes*
Custom Containers (up to 10 panels)

*Custom Programming required.