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    To further enhance the versatility of the Magellan Boxmaking system, the machine is now offered in three control grades to better match the production requirements of the customer.
    Base Model: This is a new offering which is the most economically priced boxmaker. While maintaining all of the features that make the Magellan so innovative, this model relies most on the operator for set-up control. The feed table, feed roll pressure, slot and score placement are all provided by the operator. The board movement is controlled via an hydraulic motor. This model does not retain set-up data for retrieval.
    Standard Model: The most popular of the models available, this model distributes the set-up process between the operator and machine control. While still relying on the operator to set the feed table and feed roll pressure, this model controls the placement of the score, slots and score pressure automatically. In addition, this model also features an industrial PC (personal computer) with touch screen control. Board movement on this model is controlled via and electric servo. Due to the addition of the PC, this model saves set-up data for later retrieval via part number.
    Auto-Set Model: This is the most sophisticated of the Magellan models available. In this configuration, all axis required for set-up are controlled by the processor. This includes feed table guides, feed roll pressure, score placement, slot placement, and score pressure. This model also incorporates an electric servo to control board movement through the machine. Again, this model incorporates industrial PC control and stores set-up data for later retrieval.